AC Sports Network….. the “A” is for Alamance, the “C” is for Chatham. These two counties and it’s people have meant so much to my wife and I our entire lives. Hi, my name is Tracy L. H. Burnett and my wife is Tracy M. Burnett and this website is something we have been thinking about doing for some time now. We have experienced quite a bit over the years in the area of sports dating back to our days of participating on recreation teams, middle school, high school and on to the college level (Tracy M). We are sports fanatics, probably to a fault, we love competition whether we are participating or spectating. We have created AC Sports Network with the intent to recognize our local AC athletes from the middle school level and beyond, in addition we will be  sharing information we have gathered over the years through experience from playing, coaching and parenting through the rigors of AAU travel ball and the college recruiting process.  As far as the college recruiting goes, we have had experience dealing with the JUCO level all the way through the D1 level. We want to share as much with you as possible and we welcome your questions and comments. So please, utilize the information on this website and again “ask questions” and we will try to answer them as best we can. Recognizing, highlighting, the athletes of Alamance and Chatham counties is our primary focus, but we will help any anyone from anywhere that needs advice or guidance when it comes to anything related to prep sports or recruiting. We at AC Sports Network wish that “we knew back then….what we know now.”  It doesn’t have to be that way with you. So please, come back again and again, let us know about an athlete, interact with us (GET THE APP), and spread the word…..”AC Sports Network is here!”

Yours truly,

Tracy & Tracy- AC Sports Network