recruiting checklist


1. G.P.A. – Find out your Grade Point Average from your guidance counselor.
Be certain that you are on track with your GPA and that you are in fact taking the required classes for admission.

2. FAFSA – Get your pin number as soon as possible. – Click to get your pin!

3. FAFSA DeadlinesClick for deadlines Fill  this out as early as January of your senior year in high school,
check with your guidance counselor ASAP to find out information regarding the deadlines!

4. FAFSA Forms – Print out a Pre- Application Worksheet and fill it out (to see what information you need,
etc.) Click for FAFSA forms Jump on this quickly!

5. CLEARINGHOUSE – Fill out as early as February of your senior year in high school, but to be safe,
ask your guidance counselor for the deadline information. There is a $50.00 fee to register, however
ask your guidance counselor if you are eligible for to have this fee waived (this may be an option for
some). It’s much easier to register on line (you will be given or get to choose a 4-digit ID number).
 Fill out the form here!

6. SAT / ACT User ID – You must go on line and get your USER ID / Password. The application has your
Profile, Login information, and Membership preferences.
Get your ID and Password here!

7. SAT / ACT Test Dates – Find out the dates of the SAT / ACT tests and write them in on your calendar. Take the practice SAT at the end of your sophomore year, and take it as many times necessary to get the score you need (or want). See your guidance counselor for              additional information.Check the dates here!

8. Download your “free” copy of the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete.
Download the guide here!

9. NCAA Recruiting Calendar – Print out a copy of the most recent NCAA recruiting calendar.
Click on the link below: Then select either Men’s / Women’s Division I, Division II.
 Get the calendar here!

10. Showcases / Exposure Camps / Elite Camps – Start looking early for Showcases, Exposure,
and Elite camps. Print out all the information, get out your calendar and start planning! This is
extremely important – Do not wait until the last minute to register. Get out there and get noticed!